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Benefits for buyers of fresh produce

Direct from producers

Nile connects buyers to Africa’s leading producers. View live inventory, discover prices and place orders instantly from multiple sellers – all from a single, easy-to-use platform.

Secure transactions

We create trust between buyers and producers by safeguarding funds in an independent trust account. Funds are only disbursed to producers when products are received in good condition.

Quality verified

Nile’s producers are vetted for adherence to the highest quality bar. We partnered with Africa’s leading food inspector to ensure you always get what you pay for.


Buy directly from leading producers


How it works

Register as a buyer

Before you can start trading on Nile, we will need a few details from you.
Nile only request information that we need to either comply with legislation or to make trading easier and more secure.

Buyer verified

We verify every new buyer before enabling trading – this ensure our platform remains secure for all parties.
Allow one business day for verification

Start trading

You are ready to trade! We designed the Nile marketplace to make it easy to find the exact product that you are looking for.
Browse by hub, product type, origin, grade, size and more!


Set prices

Prices are typically linked to the latest available prices at the National Fresh Produce markets and are updated every day at noon (except Sundays).
Quantity discounts are automatically applied to larger trades.

Order and pay

At checkout, buyers transfer funds into the Nile trust account, where funds are held in trust until an order is received.
Funds are cleared for disbursement 4 hours after a buyer receives an order.


Full loads can be delivered directly to a customer (specified at check-out). All other orders can be picked-up from our hub.
Buyers receive an email notification once products are ready for collection.

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