Benefits for farmers

Transparent pricing

Know the exact price you get for your produce before it leaves your farm gate. Prices on Nile are determined by the farmer.

Improved cash flow

We aim to process payments within 24 - 48 hours. Our innovative payment solution helps keep your premises cash-free.

No Intermediaries

The Nile marketplace facilitates the transaction and logistics of the direct transaction between the buyer and seller. Our processes are consistent with international best practices.


Get exact prices before shipping


How it works

Register as a producer

Our grower onboarding is a thorough process that ensure products are packed to spec and delivered to customers in time.
Register your interest online and we will reach out to you to kick-off the process.

List products for sales

Once onboarding is completed, growers can list their products for sale by uploading an image and specifying attributes such as variety, grade, size, weight and packaging.


Update supply schedule

Update the quantity of listed products that you expect to have available for a given period – e.g. daily over the course of a week.


Receive orders

Orders will be requested daily and must be delivered within a pre-agreed time frame – e.g. 24/48hours.
Orders are only sent to growers once buyers transferred funds to the Nile platform.


Deliver and receive payments

Full loads can be delivered directly to buyers.
Other shipments can be collected from Nile hubs that are centrally located.

Confirm and release payment

Buyer funds are transferred from Nile to producers only once products are delivered according to specification.

Ready to start selling?