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The future of fresh produce trading

Nile connects fresh produce and agricultural inputs buyers and suppliers by providing a platform for direct and secure transactions

How it works

List for sales

Seller lists produce or inputs for sale and updates available quantity and their prices.

Place order

Buyer places an order and transfers funds to the Nile platform.

Direct delivery

Seller delivers directly to buyers or to centrally located hub for pick-up.

Payment confirmation

Buyer confirms receipt and Nile transfers funds to seller within 24h.

Built for buyers and producers across the food value chain

Benefits for buyers of fresh produce

Direct from producers

Nile connects buyers to Africa’s leading producers. View live inventory, discover prices and place orders instantly from multiple sellers – all from a single, easy-to-use platform.

Secure transactions

We create trust between buyers and producers by safeguarding funds in an independent trust account. Funds are only disbursed to producers when products are received in good condition.

Quality verified

Nile’s producers are vetted for adherence to the highest quality bar. We partnered with Africa’s leading food inspector to ensure you always get what you pay for.

Benefits for farmers selling produce

Transparent pricing

Know the exact price you get for your produce before it leaves your farm gate. Prices on Nile are determined by the farmer.

Improved cash flow

We aim to process payments within 24 - 48 hours. Our innovative payment solution helps keep your premises cash-free.

No Intermediaries

The Nile marketplace facilitates the transaction and logistics of the direct transaction between the buyer and seller. Our processes are consistent with international best practices.

Benefits for farmers buying inputs

Extensive network of producers

Link world-class suppliers and product experts to an extensive network of producers.

Real-time pricing and data

Provide producers with real-time pricing and availability data.

Tailored finance options

Provide credit by means of offtake relationship.

Benefits for suppliers selling inputs

Access to SA's top fresh produce farmers

This is a new and fast growing channel where farmers transact digitally daily. Your brand will be visible to all of these farmers.

More efficient supply chain

Your products will travel directly from your production facility to the client ensuring a more efficient supply chain. You also have a backhaul opportunity via the Nile Hub.

Access to Data and enhanced expert advice

Have access to data from planting to produce. You also get the opportunity to work with additional Nile expertise, creating more value for your current clients.

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