The future of agri trade

Empowering farmers to
trade & transact digitally

Whether you’re trading fresh produce or looking to procure
farming inputs - Nile’s marketplace makes
transactions efficient and transparent for farmers.

Digital solutions for agricultural trade

Fresh produce marketplace

The most efficient way to trade fruit
and vegetables

Nile brings farmers and commercial buyers together on an online marketplace for secure
and transparent trading. Farmers can list their available fruit, vegetables and flowers
online, enabling local and international buyers to place orders instantly.

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Africa’s largest online marketplace
for fresh produce trading

Enabled by Nile’s comprehensive
logistic network

Our logistic network ensures that produce can reach buyers over the shortest possible route, either by direct deliveries or via our cross-dock hubs.

Direct deliveries

Farmers can deliver directly to buyers, through their own transport or through Nile’s logistics partners

Cross-dock hubs

Demand from buyers are aggregated and mix loads are consolidated via nile’s cross-dock hubs


Inputs marketplace

Farmers purchase all their inputs
in one place

We understand the importance of having the right resources at your fingertips.
Use our digital marketplace to seamlessly connect with a vast network of premier input
suppliers, both locally and internationally.

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Nile Direct from verified suppliers

Purchase your inputs directly from suppliers and manufacturers - without any intermediaries. Nile vets all suppliers for quality and reliability.


Nile Flexible payment terms and credit

We offer payment terms to match the working capital cycle of farmers.  Nile also offers tailored finance options by means of your offtake relationship.


Nile Widest range delivered to farm

Access thousands of items across fertilizer, crop protection, equipment, irrigation and animal feed.  Our logistic network ensures timely delivery to farmers in remote areas.


Nile Transparent pricing

Without intermediaries, Nile's marketplace is able to offer farmers competitive pricing and allows farmers to know exactly what they are paying for.

Home to a wide range of inputs categories

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We started with a vision to make farming more efficient and sustainable but have become more than just a platform; we're a community of innovators aimed at transforming agriculture.

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